Monday, December 19, 2011

Why the Washburn Chronicles?

Why should you become a follower of the Washburn Chronicles?  Nick Washburn is the latest in a long line of a family who has served this country as a protector since it's creation and even before.  His legacy is one of service and sacrifices.  While not a real living breathing person, he is a tribute to those who are out there right now ...this it all so that we are free to go about our daily lives.  The stories in the Washburn Chronicles series of novels are about people, regular people, who when faced with insurmountable odds are capable of reaching deep and finding the strength to do the impossible, to do what is right.

Situations arise in our lives from time to time where we have a choice to be a bystander or to jump in shovel in hand and help dig. Two cars collide at a high rate of speed, the wreckage is strewn across the entire highway, you see that people are are the first person there after the crash, do you just drive by and know that someone will be there to take care of it soon...or do you stop to offer whatever assistance you can?  My stories are about those who stop,  those who go beyond, those who give all that is required without hesitation because they know it's the right thing to do.

Inspiration to be a better person, to not just be a number on a facebook page to live beyond our lives in our cublicles and office really participate in this experiment we call America.  That is what I hope to give to my readers.  Life at mile high altitude with afterburners in full operational mode.

Monday, November 28, 2011

  The Nick Washburn Chronicles 

    From the imagination of an inspired Citizen presented through the heart of an American Patriot, Author ... Ron Darling has captured the American heart.
    Ron brings us joy and pain through the depths of a torturous, yet strengthening, and heart-wrenching tale. He has created a heavyhearted guardian for the nation's soul. A soldier who will face evil of all heights of terrorism. Nick Washburn, like his fathers before him, will give all for America. He is that guy the nation's  enemies do not anticipate, that guy who will fight to the death to save those in danger. A man who is bound at the heart to the foundations of America, and will stop at nothing to defend it.
    Follow Nick with his unconditional American devotion. This is a chance to walk in the shoes of a hero, to accompany a warrior who has accepted the call.
    I believe, although this is a fictional tale, The Chronicles of Nick Washburn will touch our hearts and remind us what our soldiers, of all rankings, have fought for. Perhaps... "We The People" shall re-open our hearts to those who have fought for us, and what they have fought for, as we follow Ron's character, Nick Washburn in his American Journey. 
    The first novel “Serpent” will steal your heart. Imagine being the shadow following a warrior trained and skilled beyond our mind's capacity. See him through the good, and the inhumanely bad. Feel his pain..... Visualize his strength.... He will prove to you that he is the one chosen to be “That Guy”.... Worthy to protect the women, children, and families who are placed in danger.... Enjoy the chance to embrace his victories, and respect his devotion to America and its Constitution.

Angie Darling Colon

A first time publishing event is always exciting. Ron Darling is a story teller. His art is found in the story, part fiction, some historical fact, and pinch of myth. This is one of the most timely characters in all of literature. The key to this work and the ones to follow is to understand the DNA of Nick, there is your turnkey to being a part of this American Story, there is no other country on earth, at this tine, that could or would produce agent Nick Washburn! No other ! 
Ellis Baxter