Monday, May 21, 2012


Everyone takes for granted our safety here in this great country of America.  We are safe because real people like Nick Washburn actually exist.  They may be special forces, or CIA or  black operatives in other organizations, but because they are there, we can feel safe. SERPENT is a story of what those men and women do and how they do it.  It is a story of what would happen in America if we let our guard down and allow the evil to grow.  We must be ever vigilant and not let those that would do us harm to get even a finger hold in our country.  SCORPION, my next novel addresses what will happen if local, home grown radicals unknowingly mix with a Mexican drug Cartel.  No longer just a war on drugs, Nick Washburn and his team must fight to stop the killings in the Southwest.  To do that Nick and his men must travel deep into the bowls of a drug cartel and hunt them down in Mexico.