Thursday, February 2, 2012


     ANNOUNCING.....Serpent, the outstanding new novel by Ron Darling is now available in many locations on line. carries the larger format 6" X 9" paperback as well as the Kindle version.  Barnes and Noble also offer the paperback, at a reduced introductory price.  You can order the book or e-book for Kindle her on this blog.
     The Novel is Ron's first and will soon be followed by Scorpion the second of the Washburn Chronicle stories. 
    Are you a student of history?  The third installment in the series will encompass the Kings of France as they control the forces of good to squash the Evil Muslim invaders who have taken control of Israel in the 900's.  This sroty will compare the Muslims of those times with the Jihadists we are now having to deal with all over the world.
     After that foloowing books will contain stories about out own American Revolution, the Civil War, WWI and WWII as well as Vietnam and more current conflicts.  Unlike Serpent which is a total work of fiction future installments will have their basis in factual events or on factual organizations as in book 2 Scorpion.  You'll learn about an organzation that is planning the overtaking of California and parts of the southwest for thier own independant country.  While the name of the organization is changed, many of the quotesused in the story will be actual quoptes made by memebers of the movement.  The actuasl events in the story are all fictional, but the organization the story is based on is real. 
     On a personal note, as the author of these books I am proud to feature our hero Nick Washburn's ancestors as heroes of their times.  Those ancestors will be named after my wife's actual ancestors, including several Kings of France.  I will change the last names of her more recent "real" ancestors but their first names, beginning with my wife's grandfather will be the same in future stories.