Sunday, April 15, 2012


Good News Bad news. I have met a profound man who is a writers coach, an editor and a master at the trade of writing. He is a magnificent, gentle, patient, caring and loving man from the Southeastern portion of these great United States. His resume is long and impressive, and his heart and soul are immeasurable. He has, for some unknown reason chosen to take me under his wing and help me to become a better writer. Retired, he only accepts a limited number of projects and I am blessed to have been accepted into his life.

Many of you have written me to tell of how much you loved Serpent and can't wait for Scorpion. I can't wait to share Nick's next adventure with all of you as well, however I am taking a 2 month, or more break from writing while I learn the lessons this man can teach. I will tell you more about him at a later date. For now, the writing career is on hold so that I can improve and give you a far better reading experience that the last one. Not that the last one was in any way's just that I know with this man's assistance and instruction I have an opportunity to become a far better writer.

Thanks so much for your support. I still plan on holding the competition for the battle blade so work on those videos...and in a month or so I will re-ignite the fires of creativity and get that contest off the ground. I am truly excited about what this will bring to my work. I appreciate your patience while this grasshopper learns from his new found master.

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