Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I disabled the followers link for a couple months.  One day it would show the 6 we had to start with...other times no one...and I figured no one was signing up because often is said 0 and no one wants to be first...but with over 1600 hits as of this post it's time to bring it I am trying it again.  Feel free to click and become a will receive updates about the new book, book signing dates, and general comments on the days events.  I will be starting a daily post next Monday where I will address whatever is lighting my fire that day.  Sometimes politics...sometimes hero stories...sometimes just what I am feeling that day.  Like today...I am feeling blessed...I have more than most...I have an incredible wife...three amazing children, one amazing son in law and three beyond amazing grandkids.  I have two pitbulls that make me laugh and smile and feel love all day long.  I have been lucky enough to be gifted with a vivid imagination and the ability to write down what moves me.  I have a lot of old friends and a ton of new ones...I look forward to getting to know all of you better and better.  Please...comment to my posts if you are so would make my day...;)

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