Friday, March 9, 2012


Spring time in Arizona is the best and for some of us the worst. There is spring training baseball...the best...the weather...70's and 80's almost every skies and near perfect weather...the citrus starts blooming and if you have never driven through an area with lots of citrus can't really know what a paradise that is.  BUT...for those of us with means a nose and throat and often eyes that never stop itching.  A price worth paying however for all the great things Arizona offers in the Spring. 

SCORPION is progressing.  I am about half way through it and I see May as a possible release time.  I'll have to work fast, but I know many of you are anxiuosly awaiting it's release.  I know this...for those who really enjoyed Nick's adventures in'll really enjoy the action invloved in SCORPION.  Nick must battle to save the American southwest from terror that comes from within and just across the border.  I hope to be taking pre release orders starting the first week in May, and by then I should have a firm release date.

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