Sunday, March 11, 2012


I have reached a milestone in the writing of SCORPION the new novel featuring Nick Washburn and the team from the Fortress. The storyline is complete and all that is left to do is write the last 60,000 words. Yeah I know 60,000 words...a lot. But when writing something as fun as these stories the words fly out fast. I have been encouraged by so many positive reviews of SERPENT; this spurs me on to finish SCORPION quicker. In this new tale you'll meet some fun new characters and visit with some old friends from book one. I can't wait for readers to meet Roz, an L.A. detective who plays an important role in taking down the organization that is responsible for attacks on her city. Roz is sure not to disappoint my male readers, another superwoman with looks that kill. Mica, from SERPENT has a much expanded role as he joins Nick's team and trains at the fortress. He and Angie's story develops into something very special, and of course Nick and Melinda are at it again...showing us all what true love can be like. In closing today I wanted to thank the many soldiers worldwide that keep us safe from the evil that threatens. You are what make the Washburn Chronicles possible. You inspire me daily.

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